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Moshe Tischler was born and raised in Lakewood, NJ. Over the past few years, he has come to be a powerhouse in the music industry. While always deeply inspired by music, Moshe didn’t start singing up until the age of 18, when his family encouraged him to start. Once he did, he just couldn’t stop.

Moshe’s singing journey started at his friends’ chuppahs. The public was strongly moved by his powerful, yet soothing voice. His career quickly escalated after he got married and started accepting full wedding jobs. The energy he projects on stage is electrifying, yet inspiring.

In 2018, Moshe released his first hit single, Bishvili, produced by Shloimy Salzman, which amounted to over 210K views on Youtube, followed by yet another smashing single, Tefilas Ha’Neiros, produced by Yitzy Waldner. It is continuously sung every night at chuppahs all over the world. But Moshe didn’t stop there. He then released his debut album, Modeh Ani, produced by Mendy Hershkowitz at Sonic Duo, which reached wide audiences across the world. The feedback was astonishing, with a total of over 2.5 million streams to date, and close to 200K views on youtube. He has released other singles since then, including Abba Gadol, and his latest hit single, Mazal. Moshe is currently working on his second album, and continues to inspire the world with his melodic voice, and unmatched energy.




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